Polished Plaster History

2000 years of History

Armourcoat polished plasters are celebrated for its smoothness, lustre and decorative richness. They give sumptuous, enduring finishes which can be enhanced by a host of textures and colors, thereby blending or contrasting with any setting, whether classical or modern.  The incredible hardness and durability of Armourcoat polished plasters ensure years of maintenance-free service with no fear of cracking or fading. What’s more, the unique Armourcoat aesthetic will ensure the material remains a cut above the more usual internal decorative finishes.  Once applied, no maintenance is required other than periodic dusting and polishing. Armourcoat polished plasters are supplied and installed by trained applicators in order to maintain strict standards of workmanship and allow the company to offer a 10 year guarantee.

Armourcoat has modified and improved traditional plastering recipes to give a greater choice of colors and effects as well as a better quality and consistency. Armourcoat plasters are made from cement bases individually blended with lime, marble powder and natural stone aggregates. They are coloured with natural pigments, chosen for their stability and resistance to UV light, and metallic powders. Surface effects range from highly polished, mirror-like finishes to more natural, textured effects. Hand trowelled in layers until the desired effect is achieved, the surface may be treated with wax to preserve the highly individual and seamless effect and facilitate routine cleaning.

With extensive investment, research and development Armourcoat has propelled the art and craft of polished plasters to new heights of excellence. Today’s range of rich, luxurious finishes with a beautiful lustre has never been greater.  Consequently, Armourcoat has become the generic term for this sensitive, enduring and extremely versatile technique. It is the designer’s first choice and can create highly individual or abstract effects to complement the most modern interiors.