Company History

World class surface finishes in panel format

Armourcoat is a class leading manufacturer and specialist contractor of sustainable decorative surface solutions. With a UK head office and a US business based in Las Vegas, the company has evolved over 30 years establishing a global network of agents selling into 80 countries. Armourcoat's UK business oversees the manufacture, global distribution and technical support of the expanding product portfolio. It also operates an important contracting business in the UK and Europe.
ArmourFX was established in 2012 as a new division of Armourcoat Surface Finishes Inc. to offer custom made modular panels and three dimensional casting.  Modular construction has quickly established as the preferred construction method for contractors and clients, due to reduced schedules with less delays and enhanced cost management. With projects under tight deadlines for completion, or where it is impractical to work with ‘wet’ trades on site, ArmourFX modular solutions are the answer.  Highly customized to fit client specifications, the items can be sent to site and installed by a joiner or millworker in just a few hours. 
A US team of designers and plasterers based in Las Vegas will work to create integrated custom wall panel systems, store display or design statement artwork. For a sculptured form or a creative stencil technique in Armourcoat polished plaster, ArmourFX can provide a original and competitively priced solution.